About Us

We are very proud of our humble beginnings. In 2009, Dave "Pelón" Jones, aka "The Ukulele King of Central America", took some classic Martin ukulele blueprints to a local guitar luthier and asked him to give it a shot at designing Nicaragua’s first handmade ukulele.

Dave started off selling NicaTiki Ukuleles out of his backpack to tourists on the streets of San Juan del Sur, and by offering free lessons at a bar on the beach before they opened up for Open-Mic Night. Dave continued to do well, and finally in 2011 he officially opened Volcan Music in San Juan del Sur, where he has sold ukuleles and guitars to tourists from over 30 countries throughout the world.

Dave Jones — Founder and Owner

Dave was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but spent much of his youth surfing the beach breaks of Ocean City, New Jersey. His passions for surfing, music and the outdoors attracted him to Santa Cruz, California, where he spent 7 years working for Big Basin State Park. Santa Cruz has a lively music scene and great waves, but in 2005 Dave ventured south in search of warm water and offshore winds. Naturally he was attracted to Nicaragua, which is home of world-class waves and is famous for its offshore winds. In 2009, Dave met his lovely wife Wendy, and in October of 2013 they were blessed with their new baby girl Sandra. Life is good for Dave and his happy Nicaraguan family.

Kevin Keith — Director of Marketing

After graduating from the University of Utah in 2003, Kevin decided to take a “short break” and spend 3 months in Nicaragua before getting a “real job”. Kevin immediately fell in love with surfing, the Nicaraguan culture, and the lifestyle that this tropical paradise offers. Kevin spent the next 7 years working winters at Snowbird Ski Resort, and the rest of the year playing in the tropical waters of Nicaragua. Sharing a mutual interest in surfing and music, Dave and Kevin quickly became good friends when they met in 2005. In 2013, Kevin joined forces with Nica Tiki Ukuleles and is working with Dave to spread the good word about his high-quality line of ukuleles.