ukulele sunset    

Nicaragua is known as “the land of lakes and volcanoes”.  It is situated in the Central American Ring of Fire and has over 40 volcanoes.  Lake Nicaragua is the largest in Central America, and is famous for freshwater bull sharks and other marine life that have adapted to living in the lake.

Despite Nicaragua’s political history with the United States, Nicaraguans are warm and welcoming.  The country is the second poorest in the Western Hemisphere, but Nicaraguans are generous and inviting.  Nicaragua has been through a lot of hardships in its short history, but its people are resilient and happy.

In 2012, Nicaragua was ranked second behind Canada for lowest violent crime in all of the Americas.  The economy is strengthening rapidly, and the quality of life is improving right in front of our eyes.

From a surfer’s point of view, Nicaragua is a dream come true.  It is well situated to receive almost any swell the Pacific Ocean can generate, giving Nicaragua a long list of world-class waves.  With offshore winds over 300 days a year, Nicaragua is truly a surfer’s tropical paradise.