Volcán Music

    ukulele sunset    

Volcán Music is the first and only music store in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  We are proud to be the only music store in the world that exclusively sells hand-made Nicaraguan instruments.  In our first 9 months of business, we sold ukuleles and guitars to customers from 18 different countries.

Volcán Music sells strings for guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, banjos and 12-string guitars.  We offer ukulele, guitar, and harmonica lessons for a very reasonable hourly price.  Also, we have a fine selection of hand-made Nicaraguan souvenirs and t-shirts to choose from.

If you ever visit San Juan del Sur, make sure to stop by Volcán Music and say hi to me, Dave, and my lovely wife Wendy.  We know the country very well and have a lot of useful tourist information.  Come by and play a few strums on an instrument, pick up a t-shirt, and check out our hand-made Nicaraguan souvenirs.